Old news :-)
20/12/2003 Christmas SainT v1.60

SainT v1.60 has many improvment and becomes more and more the ultimate demo watcher :-) Now you can record movie of demos or game in AVI format. An hot MFP bug fix make SID music work perfectly now ! ( try the new Warryorz demo ! ). SainT v1.60 is the first emulator to run the great 3d fullscreen interrupt demo by Ziggy Stardust ! Click here to read all changes, and here to download that beauty !

22/11/2003 SainT v1.50

SainT v1.50 is the first emulator to run Hardware 4bits SyncScroller ! ( ST-Connexion screen in the "Punish your Machine" demo ). Additionnal bug fixed too ( more demos and games are now working ). Download that beauty !!

14/11/2003 SainT v1.40b

My previous IO 32bits writing on screen boundary fix was lost in a source safe checkin. Get the v1.40b and the "Illusion Demo" by Dune will work perfectly.

03/11/2003 My homepage improved

Thanks to Thorsten Huber for sending me a debugged javascript version of my homepage menu. Now it should work well on IE, Mozilla and Opera.

22/10/2003 New SainT v1.40

I really don't have any time left to code anything. But, as people still release ST demos, I have to update SainT in case of nasty bugs. That was the case for the new "Illusion Demo" by Dune. SainT v1.40 has a lot of new features and bug fixes ! Get it here !

09/06/2003 ST-Sound library little fix

Just a little fix allowing the public YmEngine libray to play "DigiMix" tunes. Get it here.

04/06/2003 SainT update to v1.32

- Disk writing supported. ( .ST and .MSA image file ). You can use your fave ATARI tools and save your work !
- Keep sound playing option when loosing focus (windowed mode only)
- Some bugs fixed ( "Posh" demo by Checkpoint is working )

and some other stuff too. Get it here !

16/04/2003 SainT update to v1.30

- Screen rendering options improved (good for PC laptop users)
- STE more compatible (blitter improvment and cycle accurate)
- Write config on SainT.ini (so you can have multiple SainT configuration in several directory)

and some other stuff too. Get it here !

16/03/2003 Little update on SainT v1.21

Little update, SainT 1.21. Some minor bug fixed ( High Fidelity dream, DarkSide mainmenu in 512Kb version), screen rendering optimizing again on slow computer. Get it here.

20/12/2002 Surprise ! An oldskool 32Kb Rick Dangerous game !

Few weeks ago I discover Turrican 32Kb, a great remake of the famous shooting game in only 32Kb. Then I decide to port one of my fave "old days" game: Rick Dangerous ! Read more about that !

20/10/2002 SainT v1.20 is out !

I find some days to work on SainT. I fixed some bugs in order to run more demos. There is support for 1024*768 fullscreen mode for lucky PC laptop user. Download the next 1.20 package and read the online documentation for details.

24/08/2002 World record splashed !

Ok some days left at hollyday so what ? Definitively beat the Sowatt 16*16 sprites demo is a good idea ! As many people complain about the 1Mb RAM used (this is not the original demo), the new disk provided here contains two new workd record: 520 and 1040 STF version ! Ensure your eyes are well attached before watching ! Get it at the bottom of the record page !!

01/08/2002 Three articles in a french magazine

If you're bored that summer on the beach, you can read the french magazine PC-Team in wich I write three articles about emulator programming. For english people just take a week to learn french. Look at the cover here !

15/07/2002 New SainT v1.10

SainT v1.10 is released ! Many bugs fixed and.... Memory snapshot added ! Save your fave game or demo anywhere you want ! Get it here !!

14/06/2002 Minor change: SainT v1.00b !

Hey lucky demo lover, SainT 1.00b is out ! I fixed a sad timerA bug and some CPU instruction timing, and now SainT is the first ATARI emulator running the Darkside of the spoon mainmenu !! (joystick rout in fullscreen !)Get it here !!

04/06/2002 DarkSide of the Spoon on your PC !

You can download a disk image of the darkside without protection so you can run it under SainT 1.00 ! Get it here !!

02/06/2002 You wait it for month... Here is SainT 1.00 !!

SainT 1.00 is here ! Go to the download page ! Many bug fixed, most games are working now. New demos compatibility too ! Soon DarkSide of the spoon working ! (Look at the screenshot section). New user interface, documentation, etc.

20/05/2002 Optimizing unusefull things to death...

You know I really like ATARI-ST world record ! Today I beat my own record (I'm afraid I'm the only one to play such unusefull games). 212 16*16 sprites running at 50fps !! Get it here !!

10/04/2002 Little demos size optimizing

The physic rigid demo is optimized to 6 Kb and the Mandelbrot realtime deep zoomer is optimized to 5.5Kb !!

07/04/2002 Little Rigid body demo !
  • It took me less time than I suppose to implement the Verlet integration technic I discover recently in a nice article. Let's download my little rigid body demo here ! You can move the cube or change the gravity field using the right mouse button.
05/04/2002 Adding some little demos
  • I just add an old deep mandelbrot zoomer using DirectX8 and TinyLib. Try it, that's hypnotic !
  • Soon I'll post a physics demo, using rigid body and Verlet integrator :-)
02/02/2002 ST-Sound plugin runs with new IE6 !!
  • I just receive a wonderfull tips from Thorsten Huber to runs ST-Sound plugin with the new IE6. You just have to modify your register-base in order to accept Netscape-plugins in IE6. Get the reg-update file here ! Apply that reg update and restart your IE6, ST-Sound plugin is working now !
  • The GameBoy Advance 3dtrip file is fixed to a 32Kb size bundary, so you can flash it with the "multi-rom" capabilities. You can flash my 3d-trip and my StSound Advance on the same cartridge ! :-)
  • I finally manage to finish a beta version of LS4, my experimental synthetic music program ! :-) If you're musician, download and test it, fell free to report me any idea for improvment ! Get it here !
  • My friend Jess Lysen, wich is a very popular ATARI musician is now a techno warrior ! He just finished a new record. He also has a new website with interesting forum about synthetic music, please have a look there ! (you're actually listening to a music composed by himself if you have the ST-Sound netscape plugin)
  • I just write a little tiny demo displaying PQ-Torus knot using a 5.5Kb exe :-) Download it here ! I made a "deep" mandelbrot fractal zoomer too, maybe I release it in some days/week.
  • Many of you complain about the incompatiblity of my ST-Sound plugins and the new Internet Explorer 6. That is, Microsoft decides to remove the Netscape plugin compatibility ! Now you have to use ActiveX technologie. I'm looking forward any experience in ActiveX-Sound programming, so I can port the ST-Sound plugin for IE6. If you're an ActiveX warrior coder, please contact me !
Michel Savari (Nova/Eqx) sends me a nice "Leonard" logo. I made some fixes in SainT 0.99 too. Maybe you can get a 0.99b soon if you're lucky !
You finally get it !! SainT v0.99 is released !!! James and me are very busy but I had some spare time in september so I add many new features. These days I try to build another official SainT package. Let's call it v0.99 ! You can download it and read the new features list here, or see new screenshot compatibility here ! Enjoy !!
You get it !! The BIGGEST GameBoy Advance sound demo is released ! 9 hours and 56 minutes of nostalgic ATARI and AMIGA games tunes on a single ROM ! Try to beat dis ! :-) Download it there !
Many news ! First, maybe a SainT release is planned in some days/weeks. Second, you can hear a preview of my Sound synthesys program here ! And last, I'll soon release the biggest Sound Demo ever made on GameBoy advance ! 9h56 minutes of old ATARI and AMIGA tunes played on a simple GBA system ! Release next week ! Oh I forgot, I get a new job too... quite tired now... :-)
  • First of all, good news for SainT fanatics ! We (James and me) don't stop the project, even if we're really busy with other stuff. To proove it, read this !!
  • Second, I have optimized a bit my GBA 3d-demo. It's two times (2 times!) faster than the previous version on real hardware !! Get it there !
I'm writing a sound synthesys program but today I find an old ATARI sprite record, so I decide to release it and write a little article about that record. Please read it here, and download the disk here !!
I just added some old TinyDirectx8 ATARI like stuff I made some month ago. Please check it !
  • New OldSkool demo version ! Uses my TinyDirectX8 library ! 24Kb only !! (go in the "Unusefull PC demos" section)
  • New JavaScript Explorer like menu. Do you like it ? (Thanks to Etienne Deb, visit his home page at http://javascript.lab.cc)
  • New stuff in the "Unusefull PC demos" section: a really short DirectX 8.0 demo ! Get it !
  • SainT news: I really stop SainT during James hollydays but he's back and he's really motivated ! We prepare a special surprise for SainT credits ! :-)
  • All date are now in french format (I mean day/month/year)
  • I just convert my ST-NICCC 3D-Trip demo to the GameBoy advance system ! It rocks ! Try it !
  • James and me have worked very hard on SainT. Next release will feature ZIP support, better fullscreen and timing emulation, and some STE blitter and sound support (You'll get the Brandamage demo if you're lucky !
  • Both ST-NICCC 2000 Demo and new Nostalgic version can be downloaded on my website. (Visit the demo page to download).
  • SainT news: James Boulton and me worked quite hard that week and new version will be better ! CPU Compatibility improved, ZIP image support, and lotsa bugs fixed

SainT pre-release !!! You all waited for it ! The DEFINITIVE Atari emulator is on your PC !!! It's far to be as perfect as we expect, but this is quite good for a pre-release. Read more here.


We're back from the ST-NICCC convention, and we get the first place in the ATARI/FALCON competition ! :) Read our page in detail !


New section: Demos download ! I'll put all my recent stuff here. Today: OldSkool D3DX Demo ! Old coder MUST download it !!


sProgramming article: Part 2 ! How to use DirectSound API


Some changes in my books review.


ST-Sound v5.5 is here ! You can use a "spatial sound" option in the DSP dialog box. Enjoy the improved ATARI Sound !!!


The Leonard Homepage was totally re-written for your pleasure ! I have many work to acheive but this is the alpha version of my new homepage !


Guest book added !!


My friend Klaudius makes me a nice banner for my homepage. Use it !!