About me
Professionnal part

Name Arnaud Carré
EMail arnaud.carre@freesurf.fr
Nick name Leonard
Birthday 03/16/1974
Where ? I live in Paris, FRANCE
Hobby Coding unusefull things such emulators (ST-Sound), or problem solvers. Reading physics or mathematic books. (See my "books review")

I made many demos on ATARI-ST in the OXYGENE crew.


I like all kind of programming, from very low level (asm 68000, x86 and a few R3000) to high level (C++, database programming, MFC). I do some very few hardware too. I already worked on these topics: 3d programming (rendering and math), physics, data compression (very interesting subject !), digital signal processing, database programming, emulator programming, IE plugins, hardcore optimization ( :-), GameBoy advance, copy protection (it was the good time !))

Games As all demo coder, I work in the video game industry now. I do some stuff for various compagny since 1994. Here is a brief short of games I've worked on:

1994: Shaq-Fu
Compagny: Delphine Software
Machine: SEGA Genesis
Job: Programmer

Shaq-fu was a fighting game. It features many great 2d animations. It's my first game so I have great remember.

1995: Fade To Black
Compagny: Delphine Software
Machine: PC
Job: Programmer

I don't work on the game itself. I write a motion capture tool, and the 3d installator. (Remember the 3d install ??)


1996: Moto Racer
Compagny: Delphine Software
Machine: PC, Sony PSX
Job: Programmer

The first great moto game on PC. It's a nice remember too because the team build the game from scratch. I worked on the software 3d engine, 3d tools (3d object mapper) and some stuff on the PSX1 clipping problems. I made the copy-protection too (remember it all of you ?? :-))


1998: NEWThOME
Compagny: SCEPIA
Machine: PC
Job: Lead programmer

SCEPIA is not a video game compagny ! :-) It's a professionnal software compagny. I work two years to port a big application to windows. (The original one was a text-mode application, running on an old french operating system called "Prologue"). It was quite fun to learn some database programming !


2000: Xtreme-Racer
Compagny: Infogrames Interactive
Machine: XBox
Job: Lead programmer

After two years in database programming, I wanted to go back to video game ! :-) We worked (3 people) on a pre-production of an XBox racing game. But 4 months later Infogrames told us we have to stop that game because of money problem. I made a nice physic water surface anyway.

2001: Tintin
Compagny: Infogrames Interactive
Machine: PSX1
Job: additional programmer :-)

The game was started before I came at Infogrames. So after my project was killed I help the team to finish this little game as a classic programmer. I write all the vehicule parts of the game. (Jeep, U-Boat, Jet, boat and tank). PSX1 is definitly a wrong machine !


2001: Secret games
Compagny: Darkworks
Machine: PS2 / XBox
Job: Head of R&D

New compagny, new people, new game ! What else ? :-) We're working on a secret game ! Be patient !