is still alive !


These time it seems you all think SainT is dead. That's true we're both (James and me) very busy with various things. But we work on SainT when we have some spare time. To proove it, here are some screenshots of demos not running on the previous SainT version. (I mean 0.91b).

Please, don't ask us when that version will be released because we *really* don't know ! I track fullscreens and timing bugs and James is working on a new GUI and some 68000 interrupts problem, so it takes time ! Maybe we'll release a beta version (let's call it v0.92b) in one month. It will be the last one before the major release with the new GUI, we mean the awaited v1.0 !

The SainT team.

SainT will support a windowed mode as you can see. (click on the picture to enlarge)

These screenshots have been taken with the new SainT. You can't do it with the current v0.91b. It proove that we're not only lazy bastard, and we're still working on the emulator engine !

-DOTS- screen by Leonard/Oxygene, Nostalgic-o-Demo

-BIG Screen- by DIM/Overlanders, European demos

-Full-o-sprite-o-demo- by Ziggy & Adso/Overlanders, European demos

-Mainmenu- by Ziggy Stardust/Overlanders, European demos (still have some troubles with the scroll-text)

-Reset demo- by Ziggy Stardust/Overlanders, European demos

-Mainmenu- by Ray & Flix/Offbeat, Musical wonder 1990

-Fractal blast- by Leonard/OXYGENE, Nostalgic-o-Demo
-Mainmenu- by Manikin/LOST-BOYS, MindBomb demo