Unusefull PC demos
What's the PC demo section ?
I'll put some unusefull stuff here. There is no rule about what kind of stuff you can find. Click on each pictures to download !
Non-Rigid body physics !

Today Rigid body physic is a *must have* and everybody use it. Then I wanted to write more funny stuff, and here is a result: a really strange little world, made of non-rigid body stuff. Click on the picture to download, or get more infos here.

Download size : 25 Kb !
Required: DirectX 9.0 installed

Rigid body using simple Verlet integration (physics in 4.5 Kb exe !!)

Few days ago I read a nice article written by Thomas Jakobsen ("Advanced Character Physics"). I already use physics programming using the "classical" Euler form. (I model some surface water using a field of springs). But here I discover the "Verlet" integration method. Basiclly it's another motion integration technic, but it's far better than Euler when you want to add constraints (as contacts) in your system. Maybe I'll write a little article about it in the futur.

Download size : 4.5 Kb !
Required: DirectX 8.0 installed

Rick-Dangerous: Complete OldSkool Game in 32Kb only

You liked Rick-Dangerous? This is my 32kb version of that game! Added a demo mode, Atari music and graphix filtering :-)

Let's go the Rick Dangerous Page !

MRDZ (Mandelbrot Realtime Deep Zoomer :-P ) ( 4Kb )

Very deep mandel realtime zoomer ! Use DirectX8 textures and multi-thread capability to compute recursive mandel set and zooming the bitmap in the same time. Try it, that's hypnotic ! NEW: 4Kb EXE !!

Download size : 4 Kb !
Required: DirectX 8.0 installed

Tiny Random PQ-Torus Knot ! :-) ( 4.5Kb)

Few days ago I read a great article about PQ-Torus knot object. I decide to use my TinyDirectX8 library again to produce a small and nice knot object viewer ! This demo displays many, many randomly generated knot using random lights and a white specular spot. How big ?? Only a 4.5Kb EXE !

Download size : 4.5 Kb !
Required: DirectX 8.0 installed

Old ATARI demos stuff using TinyDirectX8

Few month ago I write a library called "TinyDx8", allowing me writing very short DirectX 8.0 proggy. Last few days I wanted to test it so I convert some old ATARI famous demos. Please notice all these demos include their own data in the EXE file. (gfx and muzak). The EXE contains a "tiny" version of my YM Sound emulator. I hope you like these little proggys !!

Download size : 20 Kb
Required: DirectX 8.0 installed

The OldSkool2 Demo Second edition !!! (24Kb only !!!)

This is the second edition: I re-write all my code in a *tiny* way so that the EXE and data are only 24Kb long !! I use my Tiny-DirectX8 library to build that ! Data are now included in the EXE. Then I use an EXE packer to reach that size. I put the data in a special way to improve the compression ratio, and that's all ! And don't foget the EXE contains my ATARI-ST Ym2149 soundchip emulator !!

I hope you'll like it, nostalgia rules !! (read the readme.txt file in the archive for details about running the demo)

Download size : 24 Kb !
Required: DirectX 8.0 or better installed.

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Really *small* DirectX 8.0 demo ! ( 4 Kb EXE !!)

Some days ago I see the first good PC demo of my life : The-Product. ( ) This is a 64Kb only demo with fantastic generated graphics and sound. Then I start to wonder how to produce so small code with Visual C++. I get some information on the web and here is the result: a working DirectX 8.0 demo (a rotating torus with two lights and a specular spot) in only 4Kb !

Secret ?? Easy: "Ignore default library" ! :-) Simply remove them in your Visual options, and your EXE will be small !

Drawback ?? Easy: You have to re-write all basic stuff ! :-)

Download size : 4 Kb !
Required: DirectX 8.0 installed

Next time...
For the next time I want to write a little physics demo. Newton's Physics system is quite easy to write with today computers. Maybe it will be a cloth demo. See ya !