PC-ST Dev kit.
What's that ??

Few years ago I build an Atari-ST kit on the PC. So I can code on PC with my favorites tools, and run the binary on a real ST. If the program crash, just reboot the ST, no use to load all your tools ! All my work in the NOSTALGIC DEMO was done with my kit. I made a special link using the STE numerical port capabilities, so I can upload binaries on the ST at 110Kb/s !!

You need only three things:

  1. An atari STE (In fact a machine with the Numerical Joystick Port)
  2. A PC under MS-DOS.
  3. A special link designed by me.

Ok, if you don't have the first two things in the list you can go ahead. (Make your bed). For the theird one, I've done a little sheme of the link. Do it as bellow:

Tools required

You need some tools to run the kit properly. These tools are freeware.

STSYS2.ZIP (12Kb) ATARI System kernel to receive binary downloaded from the PC. (PRG + source code).
STS.ZIP (26Kb) PC transfert program. EXE + Source code.
GEN68K.ZIP (42Kb) 68000 assembler, DEVPAC syntax compatible. Written by Vincent Penne (Ziggy Stardust / OVR). You could have some trouble running it under Windows.
Running all that stuff !

Running a new dev kit is often a real nightmare... :-) If you have any trouble or question, write me ! (I use it almot one time per month ! :-))