Gameboy Advance
NEW: Optimized version, how to download:

Please wait while loading the emulator and the demo... (about 450Kb)
When my 3d demo is loaded, press "R" to run ! (R is button A) Enjoy !

(This *great* JAVA emulator was written by Julien 'GOLLUM' Frelat)

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Why a Gameboy advance stuff here ?

Well, why not ? :-) Gameboy advance seems to be a very nice machine, because it's small and powerfull. I think it's quite similar to our good old ATARI or AMIGA in many ways. You have to optimize your code. (PC coders have no idea what does it mean). So here is my first contribution to the nice GBA world: a 3d trip movie !

Legal stuff

The demo was generated using the free ARM dev. kit. ( The demo runs on GBA emulators such as Boycott Advance (get a version here). I use free documentation available on the internet. (

How to run it

You can simply run it on a GBA emulator, or on a real hardware if you're a lucky GBA flasher owner.

Technical notes

The main code consist of the PC scene optimizer, creating a low bandwidth stream. That stream is then played on the host system (ATARI or GBA) with our fast polygone routine. We call it the "Oxygene low bandwidth 3d stream" technic ! :-)

The movie is 1800 frames long and contains 3757 sides, 2162 vertices and 117 colors. Of course I can't test my program on a real GameBoy advance so it's far to be optimized. For the moment the polygon rout is written in C (32bits ARM).I think I can do a two times faster routine. (Assembly 16bits Thumb code, writing pixels in 32bits, etc...).

Programming Arnaud Carré (aka Leonard/OXYGENE)
3d movie design Nicolas Simon (aka Mon/OXYGENE)