What's the ST-NICCC ??

Hi all ! Few years ago (exactly 10 years ago) the guy (Richard Karsmakers) who made the ATARI magazine ST-News made a big coding party call "ST-NICCC". It stands for "ST-News International Christmas Coding Convention". It was the biggest ATARI coding convention in the world ! Then this mad guy decides to organize the ST-NICCC again, ten years later ! He gets in touch with all the "old-skool" people, and we were there !! :-) For more details about the convention, go on the ST-NICCC official web page.(go to the 2000 section, then pictures section, then photos by MC-Laser,and finally "Oxygene". That's the only way to see our bad faces !!

The competition

As the previous ST-NICCC, there were some competition and some prices to win ! We (Mon and Me) fastly made a STF demo in the general ATARI / FALCON competition, and we get the first place !! We were very happy because ST-NICCC remembers many things for us !! We won a great DVD player ! I get the nice but surely wrong paper "ATARI PROGRAMMER OF THE MILLENIUM" too !! :-) Making that demo was a real challenge because we both have jobs and we decide to do something two weeks before the party !

Our demos

We release two things at the ST-NICCC 2000. First we release a Nostalgic Demo special edition. That special edition is the classic Nostalgic megademo, with some bugs removed (reset demo crashed on STF), the mainmenu don't load again on 1Mb machine, and we add one screen (again, a world record ! :-))

Second, we release the demo who get the first place in the competition. This demo requires at least an ATARI 1040 STF , but you need an ATARI 1040 STE if you want to hear the music.

All the both disks can be downloaded from our demos page.

People we meet

The main goal of the ST-NICCC is to meet ATARI people ! It was very cool to meet some great person. First, I would like to thanks Richard Karsmakers for the organization. The place was *very* calm, quiet, and it was really easy to meet people. Second, the food service was very clean and professionnal !

Hi to all french people we meet there ( :-) ) as Zappy, Checksum, Black-cats, and all our "Shashipa friends" (Mr.Bee, Dim, Ben, Fury, Karl, Herve).

Hi to Jochen (MadMax) Hippel, wich show me his sound editor and made a "real time" composition ! It was pretty cool to meet you, because I hear your sound-ship since I was a child ! :-)

Hi to Rapido / Synergy wich is a very nice person. We had really exciting discuss about physics and mathematics, and I hope we'll continue by mail !

Hi to Alex, Jame Boulton's friend. In fact, I would have to meet James there (James is the main-programmer of SainT, the next ATARI emulator). Unfortunatly James was not here so I can't release SainT. I showed a version to few people and they were quite impressed ! :-)

and Hi to all others I forgot !

Shots of our winning demo !
The movie is recorded with the SainT emulator.