NEW !! ST-Sound becomes Open-Source !
YmEngineUser updated to add YM sound in your own program
Get the registery patch for ST-Sound plugin to work with IE6.0 or greater !
ST-Sound Programming
NEW: v1.43 Open source ( BSD ) portable YM renderer library v1.43 See revision.txt for changes.
ST-Sound tools
YMTOOL 3.01 Powerfull tool to search and set loop in old YM tunes, display YM infos, and lotsa more !(51Kb)

YM To XM YM to XM (eXtended Module) converter written by Tobias Bonnke. Great tool !! Please read his documentation file before spreading converted modules !! (84Kb)
ST-Sound players
  ST-Sound v5.51 for Windows.(163Kb)

  ST-Sound for MS-DOS.(107Kb)

ST-Sound Internet explorer plugins (To listen YM tunes with your browser)(56Kb) NEW !! Get the registery patch to work with IE6.0 or greater !

  ST-Sound NEW: Winamp plugin (now use ST-Sound Engine) (42Kb)
ST-Sound players
ST-Sound ST-Sound linux player written by Thierry Kormann, using the ST-Sound engine.
ST-Sound players
CL-Amp plugin CL-Amp (Winamp on BeOS) ST-Sound plugin written by Johnny BARRAY, using the ST-Sound engine.

ST-Sound Tunes
Music Archive A *large* Music archive maintained by Jochen Knaus and others. "Catch them all" on his wonderfull web site :-)