12/19/2015 Release of atari STE demo "We Were @" !

Winner of the ST-NICCC 2015 competition! We even won the great "Best Low End Demo" price at Meterorik Awards 2015!! Increase the demo popularity and download the demo from www.pouet.net

12/12/2015 SainT v2.40 is out with new features!

Accurate color write with Blitter!
Read new features. Download here !

07/28/2014 find new 16*16 record out of the past!

Evil/DHS find an old 16*16 record by Sector One. Very cool record for the period! More info here.

03/20/2013 SainT v2.30 is out with CRT Monitor emulation!

Now SainT has a cool ATARI SC-1425 monitor emulation. Enjoy nostalgic pictures! More informations and screenshots here
Read new features. Download here !

11/09/2012 SainT v2.21 is out!

After a long time ago, here is a new version of SainT. Only minor changes, and better GameBase support
Read new features. Download here !

05/06/2012 First NeoGeo Demo :)

Oxygene goes 3D on NeoGeo !


01/17/2012 SainT is not dead :) v2.20 is out

After a long time ago, here is a new version of SainT. Main news is better fullscreen compatibility with today OS ( Windows 7 ). Some bug fixed too, so better compatibility.

Read new features. Download here !

03/03/2010 OXYGENE Demo disk system released

As promised long time ago, I release the source code of AMIGA Demo 2. At the same time I release my Demo-System toolchain, so you can build Amiga demo MSA file with your PC only. More details in the ZIP file.

Key features:
- The toolchain work on windows plateforme (you can assemble, build the final disk and run it on emulator using PC only)
- The kernel works on STf, STE, MegaSTE, TT, Falcon and Falcon CT60
- The demo disk generated support HDD loading (just copy a small HdLoad.prg file near the MSA file)

More details in the ZIP file

27/12/2009 New SainT release v2.14

* 0 byte line supported on both STF / STE
* new 0 byte line supported ("No Buddies Land" game)
* STE blitter pixel shift supported ( "Cernit Trandafir" demo by DHS is now working fine)
* weird 68k prefetch fix ("Beyond" demo by Kruz is now working)

Read new features. Download here !

25/02/2009 New SainT release v2.13

Some new features and better STE support (specific fullscreen, microwire, and others). “More Or Less Zero” demo by DHS is almost perfectly working. Read new features. Download here !

22/11/2008 New SainT release v2.12

Some new features such as STE split-screen fix and DirectX fix. Read new features. Download here !

30/06/2008 Finally a new SainT release J

I’m totally busy since a long time with job and family. Anyway I succeed to released a new SainT featuring a cool feature: read your original Atari disk using your PC floppy drive in real time J Read new features. Download here !

21/12/2006 A new daugther and a new SainT :-)

After a new daughter, a new SainT :-) SainT 2.0 features news stuff such as new fullscreen resolution, windowed mode more compatible (32bits colors), *very fast* movie recording, etc. Read new features. Download here !

29/06/2006 STSound GPL v1.2

Some fixes and few improvements. Read details here and download the package here.

5/12/2005 Micro-Photo is out

A friend and I wrote a joke-tool called MicroPhoto ! It works on GameBoy-Avance systems. Get more infos here !

22/08/2005 SainT 1.99g small update

Minor changes.Nasty CPU bug re-introduced fixed again. Read new features. Download here !

08/07/2005 Small SainT update

Minor changes and large Pasti files fixed. Read new features. Download here !

25/06/2005 Fun with Non-Rigid body simulation

Today Rigid body physic is a *must have* and everybody use it. Then I wanted to write more funny stuff, and here is a result: a really strange little world, made of non-rigid body stuff. Get more infos and download here !

13/05/2005 StSoundGPL library updated (v1.1b)

Some new features (SyncBuzzer supported, Interger only version and multi-platform improved), and some fixes (big-endian issue on some platform). Read details here and download the package here.

10/04/2005 SainT 1.99d updated

Minor bugs fixed and digisound boost a bit lowered to please PC sound hardware. You can now really enjoy the fantastic STF 50Khz module replay routines by Paulo Simoes. Get these 5 disk on ATARI Legend and enjoy the sound quality on SainT emulator ! Read new features. Download here !

16/03/2005 SainT 1.99c updated

Some bugs fixed and sound quality (quartet digiroutine) even improved ! Read new features. Download here !

10/02/2005 ST-Sound becomes Open Source

10 (Ten!!) years later, I take time to re-open old source code and make an open source package of ST-Sound, with tutorial samples. Read more about here ! Or simply download it from the ST-Sound download page !

30/01/2005 SainT v1.99b small update

Some bugs fixed and new features. Download here !

25/01/2005 SainT v1.99, First emulator to run Froggies and Transbeauce2 Demo !

SainT just have a major new improvement: It features a real 6301 keyboard processor low level emulator, written by Vincent Joguin. Now SainT is the *only* emulator perfectly running Froggie's demo and Transbeauce 2 !! Many games are now working with perfect mouse or joystick support ! The SainT online documentation is updated too, with a new credits section ! As always, you can see the new features in details here.

Download and enjoy the new SainT 1.99 !!!

23/11/2004 v1.85, Pasti Protected disk imager support

Beta support of Pasti, a protected disk imaging system. Get infos and download the Pasti DLL here. Now add to ST,MSA and FDI format, SainT support the protected STX image format. Just copy the latest Pasti.dll in the SainT directory and you can run STX image. You can get the original UnionDemo STX image here ! Read details about new features here, and download here !

03/11/2004 v1.80, SainT sounds Better Than Ever !!

You already though SainT has great emulated sound ? Now it's even better ! ATARI STF Digital sound emulation improved using a new technic called "Volume register caching". Thanks to Paulo Simoes for nice talks and ideas about it ! Add to this, 68000 emulation bugs fixs, Stereo sound support and other stuff. Read details about new features here, and download here !
And to proove the sound quality improvement, try to listen the WAV file of the "European Demo" loading sample recorded with the old SainT and with the new one !

21/10/2004 SainT 1.72

Again, some *weird* fullscreen related bugs fixed. Click here to read all changes, and here to download that beauty !
And for oldskool guys, still no news about the sprite record break contest ! :-)

17/10/2004 SainT 1.71

I release that "old" version ready on my disk since one month. Some minor changes. Click here to read all changes, and here to download that beauty !
And to all "SainT" fans, just know the next release will contain some really cool stuff ! Be patient....

15/08/2004 Running your ST code on TT, FALCON and CT60

I just write small infos to run your ST code on every ATARI machines. Could be usefull if you want to do the next ATARI MegaDemo !! :-) Read the article here !

19/07/2004 SainT 1.70b ( stupid bug fixed)

A stupid bug comes with the new MFP emulation core wich can produce BUS Error when writing to high MFP register. Now SainT is v1.70b and become the only download.

18/07/2004 SainT 1.70 is here !!!

As always, SainT is back with new features ! MFP emulation is 100% re-written to support cycle accurate registers reading. Now SainT is the first emulator to run perfectly the "Overscan Demos" by Paulo Simoes. Lots of bug fixed and other sexy stuff, read the news ! And now, download the new SainT here !!

21/04/2004 SainT is not dead !! new 1.61 !

You all guessed SainT was dead ? No I was just *really* busy with my first children. Anyway I manage to release my current version wich is v1.61. Please read the "versions.txt" for new features, and go here to download that gem ! :-)

See older news... :-)