Simple Non Rigid body simulation
Written by Arnaud Carré

Few months (of sorry years :-)) ago I writed a very small rigid body simulator. Today it's classic to use rigid-body and almost everyone want to do so. Few days ago I decided to twick my old code a bit and try to do "non rigid" body. Then I added some collision code to play with many "rubble" objects !

User guide

Playing with the sample is quite easy: Just keep left button pressed by draging the mouse and the world will roll. Click on the right mouse button and the gravity will be reversed. And the funnyest part: press the "A" key to add non rigid ball to that strange world.


The solver itself does integration using Verlet algorithm for stabilty. The collisions are a bit twicked to get speed boost, so nothing is very stable when adding a lots of balls. You must have DirectX 9.0 runtimle on your machine, even if nothing uses specific dx9 stuff. You just have to install it because it's the newest one, and you like to use latest technology everyday, don't you ? :-)


Just click on the picture to get that beauty :-)


Have fun !

Arnaud Carré (Leonard/OXYGENE)