ATARI-ST SC1425 Screen Monitor Emulator

James Boulton & I are working on ATARI-ST Emulator SainT since several years. Since the beginning I always wanted SainT to be a "realistic" emulator. I mean, to retreive the same feelings I had when watching & creating demos few years before. For instance, I think SainT was the first emulator to emulate the sound of the floppy drive. For all demo lovers, the floppy drive sound is really important when a demo is loading :)

Few weeks ago I run my real atari with the original monitor (SC-1425), side by side with my PC running SainT. When I run the same demo on both screens, I was totally afraid about the difference! I realized that SainT was not gamma correct. Not only SainT but all other ATARI emulators are not gamma correct! I was amazed I never noticed that! I fastly add gamma correction and the result was far better. Anyway, the colors were ok, but the picture was not. What I need was a "CRT monitor" emulator.

I started to code some shaders. I looked carefully my original SC1425 monitor with a magnifying glass (kindly loaned by my daughter:)). After some work I'm pretty happy with the result. You can see some screenshots here. Screenshots are 1920*1080 so please be sure your browser does not rescale the bitmap.

How can I see that beauty?

Of course by using SainT :) Download latest SainT. Use F12 key to open SainT GUI. In Option pannel, click "SC-1425 emulation", "Fullscreen". Then click the "run" button and enjoy :)