ATARI 16*16 Sprite Demo Contest

NEW: Cracking hidden demo contest is *over*

That page is now deprecated. My previous record ( 220 ) was beaten by Phantom ( 221 ). Nobody succeed to crack the demo, so I released the password wich was:


When entering that code, you could see my new record ( 268 ).

Now the sprite contest is running high, coz SOTE release 269, Phantom released 270,271 and 280, and I have done 312 some days ago. Read more about the sprite contest here.



You may be aware about the classic 16*16 sprite record challenge on ATARI. If not read the story here. Recently I improve my latest record a bit. As I was the only guy who spent time on such stupid things, I though about a little idea to bring more people to that strange record. Here is the idea...

My latest record ( the official one ) is 220 sprites ( working on 520-ST ) . You can download my previous record (the official one) and read the rules by running the demo.

My new record is ... hem... I don't want to tell you how many sprites I display, but you can see it by downloading my new version here !

Oh I forgot, you need to enter a password to run my new demo. So to see the demo, you have only two solutions:

a) You crack the demo and you succeed to run the sprite demo before I release the password. In that case, you'll be full credited in the final version and I accept to play game by offering the awesome prize of 50 Euros. ( You can crack, patch, hack or whatever you want, simply launch the sprite demo to win the contest)

b) You release a "more than 220" sprites demo, respecting the 9 rules written in the actual record. Then I simply release the password to public and then everybody could see my actual number of sprites. ( maybe it will be lower, or greater your own one, I can't change my code anymore because my version is released !)

How to run the demo contest
Simply download the image disk file here and run it on an ATARI machine. ( The disk runs on ST,STE,TT,FALCON and even FALCON-CT60 ! ). When booting a password is asked, simply enter the right one).
Running on emulator
If you're not familiar or don't have any ATARI machine near you ( what a mistake !), simply use a good emulator as SainT.