ST-Sound HTML Browser Plugin
How to use it

What's the ST-Sound plugin ?
ST-Sound plugin is a tool allowing you to hear YM tunes on HTML webpages. YM Tunes are nostalgic music files, and can contains ATARI, AMIGA, AMSTRAD or SPECTRUM music. Many website are using YM tunes, so you need to install the ST-Sound plugin to enjoy these great websites.
How to install

A) First of all, download the ZIP file package here. Then open the and unzip the file NPYm32.dll in your local explorer "plugin" directory. (For exemple, if you're using Internet Explorer, just copy the NPYm32.dll file in "c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\plugin".

B) If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer greater than 5.5, you need to activate the Netscape plugin support by upgrading your windows register database. Just download and execute that REG file. (You don't need it if you're not using Internet Explorer)

C) For the first install, shutdown your HTML browser and run it again. Return to that homepage and you should hear a great ATARI tune !

Please report me if any compatibility problem.