Other «ATARI 16*16 Sprite Record» screens (the official record page)

In the way of ATARI 16*16 Sprite record, these great demos are not compliant with the rules defined to beat the record, so I can not publish them in the dedicated record page.
I could have called them "joking attempt" but all theses screens are great ST Demos.

2002: First attempt (270, Spice Boys)

2002: That's it ! I'm not alone ! Some mad swedish guys worked a lot to release that nice screen. Their demo displays 270 sprites (a lot of more than my previous record) but the curve is really cheated ! (see the picture). All sprites are almost every time at the center of the screen, so there are many things to optimize in that configuration. By the way, I'm sure they spent a lot of work on the code - especially on the tiny curve - so congratulations !

You can download the disk on the SpiceBoys website.

See the sprite quality.


2002: New attempt by a new guy !! ( 360 by Gwen )

November 2002: A guy called Gwen send me a record at 360 sprites on 1040STF ! Great stuff !! After some checking, the animation loops in 1 second, so entire screens are delta-packed. This is a bit cheated but, as the Spice Boys screen, Gwen has done some effort to release that great ST demo, so congratulations, you're in the "record page" !!

You can download the disk here !! ( 55 Kb )

(To officially valid a new record, you can refer to the record rules, displayed in the boot of my latest 220 and 271 record. The rule #6 indicates you must use at least 360 frames for the animation loop)


2004: For contest (2000  by Paulo Simoes )

October 2004 : 2000 sprites !!! The rule "nice waveform " is not in this screen, but number of sprites is burn out !


You can download the disk here !! ( 119 Kb )

2004: For contest (250  by Phantom )

October 2004 : a "no compliant rules" attempt, with some masked sprites and a strange boot protection code ! (forcing me to correct SainT to make this work)


You can download the disk here !! ( 94 Kb )


2004: Fullscreen and tracker ! ( 70 by Paulo Simoes)

December 2004: Paulo Simoes presents a great demo. 70 sprites (?!) but in fullscreen with a 8 voices module. An amazing and technical piece of code resulting in a great no border screen.

You can download the disk here !! ( 199 Kb )

I hope you like this story ! If you have new informations about that record, or maybe you beat it (!!), please write me !!!


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