Troubles, F.A.Q
You may encounter some problems using SainT. If you have some trouble using SainT, maybe this "Frequently Asked Questions" can help. Please contact us if you have good idea to add to this FAQ. And don't forget SainT is a *large* project, completly free ! So be indulgent with both authors if SainT does not run well on your hardware configuration !
When I run SainT, I can't get back to the menu !

When SainT is running, you don't have access to windows mouse. Just press the F12 key to get back to SainT graphical user interface.

I try to play game but the hero does not move !

Many ATARI games need a joystick. Verify you checked the "Use arrow keys as joystick" box in the Options page.

I can't move in my fave Demo mainmenu !

Demos mainmenu often use ATARI cursor key to move. The ATARI cursor key is always mapped to "home", "Clr", "End" and "PageDown" PC key. You can use the PC arrow as ST arrow too if you uncheck the "Use arrow keys as joystick". Please refer to the Key page for additionnal information.

Error message: "Unable to create a DirectX8 Interface. (Maybe not installed)"

SainT is build on Microsoft DirectX8.1 API, so you benefit of the latest drivers technologie. Yoiu need to install directX8.1 before running SainT. As all modern PC games use it, maybe it's already installed on your system. (If you're using Windows-XP, Dx8 is already installed). To install it, just download the free DirectX8.1 runtime install package from the Microsoft website.

Error message: "Unable to create a D3DDevice8. Check your DirectX8 install or your hardware video card support."

SainT is using directX8.1 API. That API require a 3d graphics card, even if you're using only 2d features. (sounds strange but ask it to Microsoft why they remove 2d functions since DirectX7). If you get that message, two possbilities: 1) You video card is not a 3d accelerated card so you have to buy another one :-) 2) The driver is not well installed. Better look at your hardware vendor website to get the latest DirectX8 drivers for your material. As an exemple, SainT runs well with a cheap video card such as 3dfx1, TNT, etc. (all recent card should work fine)

Error message: "Could not find any Video Adapter SainT compatible."

Same as previous problem.

I can't select the CPU rendering mode (only the GPU textured mode is active)

SainT only support GPU rendering for windowed 32bits pixels mode. CPU mode (fastest mode) is only supported if your desktop is in 16bits (SainT windowed). If you run in fullscreen, you can keep your desktop in 16 or 32bits pixels.

SainT 1998-2002 Written by James Boulton and Arnaud Carré