To start SainT when you're in the SainT graphical user interface, just click on the "Run" option (top-right, just near the "Quit" option). As soon as you click "Run" SainT is emulating.

Stop / Pause

When SainT is running (you click on the "Run" option), you can pause it at any time by pressing the F12 key. F12 is one of the most important key of SainT. Once you get back to the SainT menu, you can change disk, take screenshot of your fave game/demo. You can select "Run" option again to run emulator again, at the exact point you press F12.


When emulator is running, you can reset the ATARI by pressing the F11 key. If some demos use "reset demos", you can "cold reset" the ATARI using the combination SHIFT-F11.

Specific ATARI keys

ATARI has some specific keys. Here are these remap to the PC keyboard:

ATARI ST specific
PC Keyboard remap
"Print Screen" key
"Scroll break" key
"Page Up"
Arrow keys
"Clr", "Home", "End" and "Page Down"
Joystick FIRE button
Left CONTROL key

The PC arrow keys can be used as the ST arrow key or ST joystick. See the Option page for more detail about that feature.