Main Authors

Believe me or not, SainT is a *big* and "hard to code" project. Writing a cycle accurate emulator is really a pain and require many spare time. So please enjoy that's totally freeware !! SainT was written by:

Arnaud Carré
Main author since v0.80

James Boulton
Original SainT author, main concept and architecture.


Additional code

Vincent Joguin
6301 keyboard processor low level emulation

Special thanks

Paulo Simoes
For his precious help in debugging spectrum/fullscreen strange behavior. Many thanks for great ideas and discussions about digital sound quality improvement.

Freeware code and libraries credits

Neill Corlett
Starscream library. The main 68000 emulator. Starscream was heavily modifyed by James Boulton and Arnaud Carré ( bug fixs, error handling, cycle accurate counting and 68000 prefetching mechanism).

Jorge Cwik
PASTI system. PASTI is a DLL to add support for protected floppy image for various emulators.

Simon Owen
FdRawCMD Driver. This is a low level PC floppy drive controller driver. SainT supports FdRawCmd since v2.10 so you can use your original disk without imaging! Use the “-floppy” command line option.

Edward B. Hamrick
ZipIo mini library. Allow SainT to process multi file ZIP archive.

Markus Franz Xaver Johannes Oberhumer
Mini-LZO library. Used to compress SainT memory snapshot.

SainT 1998-2004 Written by James Boulton and Arnaud Carré